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Patient Survey Management System Development Platform

  • C#, .NET MVC2.0,ADO.NET Entities Framework,Linq,Jquery,Jsons
  • SQL 2005


Patient Survey is an umbrella term that covers a whole range of potential types of measurement but is used specifically to refer to self-reports by the patient. Patient Survey data may be collected via self-administered questionnaires completed by the patient themselves or via interviews. The latter will only qualify as a Patient Survey where the interviewer is gaining the patient's views, not where the interviewer uses patient responses to make a professional assessment or judgment of the impact of the patient's condition. Thus, PROs are a means of gathering patient rather than clinical or other views on outcomes. This patients' perspective can play an important role in drug approval.

A questionnaire that measures a single construct is described as unidimensional. Items (questions) in a unidimensional questionnaire can be added to provide a single scale score. However, it cannot be assumed that a questionnaire is unidimensional simply because the author intended it to be. This must be demonstrated empirically (for example, by confirmatory factor analysis or Rasch analysis). A questionnaire that measures multiple constructs is termed multi-dimensional. A multi-dimensional questionnaire is used to provide a profile of scores; that is, each scale is scored and reported separately. It is possible to create an overall (single summary) score from a multi-dimensional measure using factor analysis or preference-based methods but some may see this as akin to adding apples and oranges together.